It’s one of those days where I have to go to work feeling like death. I’m trying to decide if I can do this until the end of October or if I need to go back on my antibiotics. …

Life is too short. Take advantage of everything, and give everything back. Change the world, but protect tradition. Be honest when it counts, but lie when necessary. Fight for what you believe in, but be peaceful and kind. Be good to everyone, but be better to yourself. Stand in the rain and get soaked, but soak up the sun. Love your family, but love your friends like family. Cry and feel pity, but scream for joy. Be true to yourself, but be truer to others. Feel pain and agony, but feel euphoria as well. Wish for a better life, but respect the one you’ve been given. Do nothing and everything. Be you, but choose to be a better person. Live with a firey spirit, and die with pride.

I have three different doctors. My doctors are telling me to do three different things. I think we need some sort of doctor cage match. Whoever comes out the winner, can tell me what to take.

— *Ding ding*

See the soggy cat pictures I reposted? That’s what a herx reaction feels like.

— Soggy cats ain’t no joke.

Doctor says I have extra heart beats but my heart looks good overall.
Just tell me, doc, can I have my Starbucks again?

— Shoot that shit into meh veeeins.